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Scale Lewis Gun Kit Instructions

Step 1
Laminate the two balsa and one plywood main body parts together. The slotted balsa part goes on the left side. The stubs on the plywood parts will be used to locate the barrel and gas tube and should protrude beyond the balsa parts. The trigger assembly, rear handle and sights will also stand proud of the balsa parts. .
Step 2
Laminate the two circular plywood parts with two holes together to form one part. Do the same for the two figure-8 parts. If you wish to use the front sight, substitute it for one of the figure-8 parts.
Step 3
Dry fit the barrel and gas tube onto the plywood stubs on the main body. The gas tube is the shorter piece. Sand the stubs if necessary. Remove tubes and carefully dry-fit the barrel and gas tube into the two assemblies from step 2. The parts are fragile until glued so do this carefully.
Step 4
Carefully fit the gun/gas tube assembly to the main body stubs. Glue in place with thin CA. (Optional, not shown: You may wrap a layer of foil tape around the end of the barrel to thicken the muzzle break. See the finished photo in step 7 for a photo of how this looks when painted.)
Step 5
Laminate the three ammo drum parts together. Be sure to align the outside indentations. Using a square scrap of balsa in the center hole will help. Apply the paper pinwheel to the top of the assembly, lining up the spokes with the drum shape. Apply the plywood circle to the top of this assembly. Use a portion of the provided foil tape to optionally add the leather handle to the ammo drum. Glue drum to gun body.
Step 6
Cut a tip off the toothpick and glue into the slot as a cocking handle. A dollop of glue on the end will make a convincing knob.
Step 7

Apply the paper gun grips to the pistol grip. Paint the model. Model may be dry-brushed with silver or gunmetal. The leather strap and grips should be natural brown.

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